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3 Steps That I Take to Reduce
My Risk of Flu and Cold


My Cold and Flu Prevention


1. Vitamin D3 [1] [2] [3] [4]

I take 5,000 IU daily for prevention.


Get a blood test for 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 from your doctor or our office. Each person requires different doses. A few people do not require vitamin D3 supplements while a few may require 15,000 IU daily.


I take 50,000 IU per day for 3 days at the first sign of the flu. Do not continue this dose for more than a few days.

2. Beta-Glucan [5]  [6]  [7]  [8]  


500 mg once daily on an empty stomach for prevention


500 mg twice daily on an empty stomach at the first sign of cold or flu.


3. Probiotic [9]  [10]  [11]


Ultra Flora Plus DF 1 capsule once to twice daily on an empty stomach.

                     Each capsule contains 15 billion active cells.


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My Cold and Flu Treatment


I add:
 [12] [13]


2 tablets every 2 hours for 24 hours, on an empty stomach, then


1-2 tablets three times daily for 5-7 days on an empty stomach.






1  capsule every 4 hours for 24 hours, on and empty stomach, then   

1 capsule three times daily for 5-10 days. 


Contains licorice. May cause water retention and high blood pressure in some people. Not intended for long term use. 


Is it a Cold or the Flu?

About the Author:
Keith D. Bishop, Clinical Nutritionist, B.Sc. Pharmacy helps clients improve their health using natural products, tests and self care. Call 405.936.3333 to schedule your Natural Care appointment.

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