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Do you need to lower your risk of heart attack and stroke? 

One simple, inexpensive test can help you decrease your risk of early disease and death!

The ABI screening takes only 15 minutes.

Are you at risk for:

PVD - Peripheral Vascular Disease &
PAD - Peripheral Artery Disease?

ABI Screening Can Save Lives

If untreated, peripheral vascular disease increases the risk of:  
  • Heart disease and heart attack 
  • Stroke 
  • Kidney artery disease  
  • Amputation or serious foot and leg damage

ABI PAD PVD Screening - Oklahoma CityAre You at High Risk for Heart Disease, Stroke, Kidney Disease or Amputation?

If so, you can do something about it right now and prevent and improve your circulation.

A simple test on your arms and ankles could fore warn you on heart and vascular disease.

It’s called an ankle brachial index or ABI. It’s used to detect poor blood flow in your legs, which can be a symptom of peripheral vascular disease (PVD), a narrowing of the arteries that is linked to heart disease, stroke, kidney disease and leg damage.

Why screening is important
Although the symptoms of PVD usually show up in the legs, the problem is rarely restricted to that area.

PVD usually develops as a result of atherosclerosis, the buildup of fatty deposits in the linings of vascular walls. People with PVD often have the same fatty buildup in other arteries too, such as those in the heart, brain and kidneys, which raises the risk for heart attack, stroke and kidney disease.

People with PVD are 4-5 times more likely to die of a heart attack. If left untreated, PVD can also result in loss of feeling in the toes, feet and legs, gangrene and amputation.  

PVD: Are you at risk?
Take this short quiz to see if you could be at risk for peripheral vascular disease (PVD).

1. Are you age 50 or older? Yes        No
2. Do you smoke? Yes        No
3. Do you have diabetes? Yes        No
4. Do you have high blood pressure? Yes        No
5. Do you have high cholesterol? Yes        No
6. Do you have a family history of heart disease or vascular (blood vessel) disease?  Yes        No
7. Are you overweight? Yes        No
8. Are you sedentary with little or no exercise? Yes        No
9. Are you African American Yes        No

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, you could be at risk for PVD. So be sure to obtain an ABI Screening and share your results with your doctor.

Approximately 12 million Americans suffer from PVD, often referred to hardening of the arteries or atherosclerosis. This narrowing of the blood vessels in the legs caused by the buildup of fatty plaque and calcium and is a strong predictor of heart disease. PVD may show up in leg arteries before there are any signs or symptoms in your heart. 

The ABI Screening is a measurement of the blood pressure in the lower legs compared to the blood pressure in the arms. During this test, blood pressure cuffs are placed on the arms and legs. The cuffs are inflated, while a hand-held device (called a doppler) is used to listen to the blood flow in the legs and arms. The ABI screening helps evaluate the amount of blood flow to the legs and feet, which is decreased in a person with PVD. It is a highly accurate method for detecting PVD.

ABI Screening 
  • Your screening will last 15 minutes. 
  • Please wear a short-sleeved shirt or blouse. 
  • Do not wear pantyhose. 
  • You will be asked to remove your socks and shoes.
  • You will lie down for approximately 5 minutes to obtain resting blood pressures. 
  • Blood pressure cuffs will be placed on your upper arms and ankles. Systolic blood pressures are obtained using an ultrasound doppler. 
  • Results will be provided immediately. You will be provided ABI and velocity scores that you can give to your doctor.  
  • Cost of the screening and report is $50.

An additional consultation is available, at an additional cost, if you would like information on diet, lifestyle, and dietary supplement approaches to improve your vascular health.

Insurance and Medicare does not cover health screenings. ABI Screening does not require a doctor’s referral in the state of Oklahoma. To schedule an appointment please call (405) 936-3333.

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