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Detox Weight Loss
Toxic Chemicals may make it difficult to lose body fat. Detox Weight Loss with liver support helps most to eliminate hormone disrupting chemicals, toxins and lose body fat.

Watch the trailer below. Meg Alexander approached me after she read medical research stating that childhood obesity may be related to hormone disruptor chemicals in plastics. Two videos follow...

Channel 4 News Trailer: May 10, 2010


Channel 4 News: May 13, 2010
Weight loss about chemicals, not all about calories, fat
(I've added additional comments about toxins and weight loss toward the bottom of this page.)

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OKLAHOMA CITY -- Studies are showing increasing evidence there may be a link between certain chemicals and obesity. A new study found overweight young girls had significantly higher levels of phthalates than the general population of children. Phthalates are found in plastics and can be hormone disruptors.

Nutritionist Keith Bishop of Oklahoma City says these disruptors can cause all sorts of problems, "The plastics attach to receptors on the cells. If it's a fat cell, it can stimulate that cell to grow and get bigger."

These plastics can also attach to the thyroid, according to Bishop, causing metabolism problems.

Bishop suggests steering clear of food wrapped or stored in plastic.

He suggests eating fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables and using stainless steel or caste iron cookware.

The non-stick pans may contain chemicals that leach into food.

Some other things to also be warned about, the lining of tin cans and the lining in microwave popcorn.

Having a hard time losing body fat can come from several issues including:

  • Eating too much (too many calories)
  • Eating not enough (not enough calories affects metabolism)
  • Metabolism problems (thyroid and glucose)
  • Toxic chemicals

We use the BioImpendance Analysis (BIA) in our Natural Wellness Screening to determine if you may have issues with toxins. If your Extracellular Water (ECM aka water retention) is elevated and your Phase Angle (PA aka cellular health) are below normal you may have issues with toxins.

Hormone disruptors from plastic are just one source of toxic chemicals.

Most toxins are fat soluble and are released from fat cells when you burn body fat for energy (fat loss). If your liver can't process the released chemicals to a safe water soluble chemical for kidney removal, your body will retain water to dilute the toxins. The released toxins can then damage your cells.

Your body can sense the water retention and cellular damaged and slow down or make fat loss very difficult. Supporting liver and kidney function may help you lose fat if you have these toxin concerns.

Are toxins keeping you from losing body fat?

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