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Natural Care Testimonies

Our clients share their experience and results of Natural Care.

  • Alternative Treatment for Alzheimer's
    Alzheimer's Testimony: Alternative Treatment for Alzheimer's - My succsess Alzheimer's Disease program includes support for circulation and repair of the brain cells.

"Finding you was an answer to prayer. I've seen great results in just a month!"
Karen Clewell

"Eating healthy was not enough and my weight increased. Not wanting weird weight loss pills or having to measure every mouthful, I came here for better choices. Many tests (and conversations with Keith) showed some important gaps and sharpened my knowledge of smart eating. Now, after some weeks, my weight is beginning to go down and my energy has increased. This natural care solution is a blessing. Thank you."
June Meilleur

"Thank you for your help with my children’s asthma and allergies. Thanks to your advice and the supplements recommended, they are now both off of all daily asthma management prescriptions, never have to have inhalers, and only have minor symptoms during high-allergen times. An amazing turn-around! Our family doctor wanted to know what we had done and was taking notes! I’m so glad that they are now treated with natural products instead of prescription medications. You have been a great blessing to our family. We have all been able to sleep through the night without coughing and wheezing. It’s wonderful! Thank you so much! You are a miracle-worker in my book! Thanks!"
Tracy Speck Neisent, CELA*


"I've been taking the mag citrate that you recommended (along with some calcium citrate-- hope that is not counter productive) for several months now and it is quite a success. The end of the summer/ beginning of fall is when I get the worst stones. Since I've started this, I've not had a bad stone and, I guess you would call what I have had crystals... I pass them before most people would know they have a stone. I just know the nausea and other symptoms so well, that I can tell I still have a slight "malfunctions." But, I'm writing to say that I am so pleased!! And, I am writing my third post on kidney stones on my blog. Blog address to follow."  
Ann Addison 


"Again I want to thank you for all the help you have been in my health and recovery problems. I know God has given you a special calling and thank him for doing that for all who suffer and want to stay healthy. Thanks again." Pat Stricklin 


"I am very pleased to recommend you and your nutritional consultations to your current and future clients. As a cancer survivor, I have made every effort to educate myself on not only the treatments for removing cancer from the body but also preventing the cancer from developing through nutrition. The services your have provided to me have proven to be invaluable in improving my overall health. Through working with your, I have built up my immune system, lost body fat, and gained muscle mass while lowering my carcinoembryonic antigen (CEA) level to 1.8 – the lowest it has ever been since my initial diagnosis of colon cancer. I believe the nutritional advice and guidance you have provided has helped me. One aspect of your treatment I have found to be exemplary is your dedication to identifying the needs of each client and customizing a nutritional program to meet the client’s needs. I feel you are not only knowledgeable about nutrition, but you also take the time to make your clients comfortable with the procedure and protocols you recommend. Your client-centered approach has helped me to understand and implement your recommendations. I am very happy you were recommended to me. I, in turn, am happy to recommend you to others who may be seeking to treat the causes of disease through nutritional intervention. Best regards,"
Jim Nisbett 

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"Finding you was an answer to prayer. I've seen great results in just a month!" Karen Clewell

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